The Ghost Hater Paranormal Investigations

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About Us

Established in 2008, The Ghost Hater Paranormal Investigations is an organization of individuals who are ghost hunters conducting paranormal research and investigations. Our team is dedicated and committed to the research,documentation,validation,history and investigation of paranormal activity.We do site visits,extensive client interviews,witness statements,historical research,record EVPs,digital photography,DVR recordings and scientific measurements.We have conducted investigations in SC,NY,IN,OH, GA. 


Want to investigate The Walking Dead Filming Location 

Esco Feed Mill is now open for investigations call 679-329-4400
Mission Statement
To investigate claims of paranormal activity by collecting and critically analyzing data and researching the history of the site.

To educate clients on the known and supposed aspects of paranormal activity, as well as reveal mundane explanations for non-paranormal occurrences.

To pursue education in the paranormal field, so as to be the best prepared to understand and explain paranormal phenomena we encounter.

To provide professional investigations at sites with suspected paranormal activity at no cost.

To share any exceptional discovery with other groups if it could benefit the paranormal scientific community.

To educate the general public on the subject of the paranormal.
Investigations 2010-2014

Dr Cobb's House (NC)

Yopp's Graveyard (NC)

Acid Park (NC)

Fremont Light (NC)

Ft. Fishers (NC)

Bentonville Battlefield (NC)

Camp Lejeune (NC)


Pig Man's Tower (IN)

Duck Creek Cemetery (IN)

James Dean's Grave (IN)

Private Residences (IN,NC,SC,OH,NY)

TWD Filming Location Esco Feed Mill (Haralson GA)

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