The Ghost Hater Paranormal Investigations

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Things to know


While some reports of paranormal activity can be easily debunked on the first investigation it is not usually possible to determine that paranormal activity is occurring with only one investigation. Several investigations are usually needed before reaching a conclusion.

Although it is not mandatory we do prefer to have the premises to ourselves during our ghost investigations simply because less people equal less voices and noises to sort out when going over evidence.We respect your privacy. No information about your case will be released without your consent.

We do not claim to be able to banish ghosts and spirits from your home or business. We will try to document what you are experiencing. But first we will look for reasons other than the paranormal to explain what might be happening. If what is happening is paranormal it is not always possible to determine the who and the why. At most it is a guess based on the history among other things, unless an  apparition is witnessed that matches a photo, but that is a very rare occurrence, or information is obtained through evps.

Ghosts do not always act on demand or just because we are present. We will come to your home or business to try to document activity you are experiencing but there are no guarantees when it comes to ghosts.

When requesting an investigation please know that we will be there for several hours. Please arrange a minimum of three hours for an investigation, excluding walk through if not done previously and set up, break down of equipment.

We know you want answers fast but understand that we use multiple video cameras, multiple audio recorders and take hundreds of photos. That adds up to many hours of data that needs to be carefully gone over. We be in touch with you about the findings ASAP.

We do ask that visitors and spectators are kept to a minimum. We understand that people get excited when they hear that ghost investigators are coming and want to be there but a huge part of an investigation is listening to the recordings and a lot of extra people present in the home can make analysis of those recordings difficult.

Not only do we try to document what you think may be ghost activity we are also looking for natural causes for the things you are experiencing.

Most orbs in photos are due to dust, moisture, bugs, pollen and shiny surfaces. This is a common occurrence when using the flash with a digital camera. Please do not send us orb photos unless you actually saw the orb with your own eyes BEFORE snapping the picture.

Here are some common reasons many believe they have a ghost. You may want to check these things out before calling ghost investigators because this is exactly some of the things they will be looking for.

Knocks and taps - Often caused by furnace or water pipes. Also small animals such as mice, raccoons and squirrels in rafters and under the house.

Footsteps, creaking floors - Old houses "settle" with weather changes, often causing creaking sounds.

Cold spots, temperature changes - Often caused by windows and doors with gaps that allow outside air to leak in.

Scratching - Small animals, mice, squirrels, raccoons, birds or even that hamster that got away. Can also be caused by tree limbs scraping against the house.

Lights - Often this is just cars passing by.

Lights that turn off or on - Short in switch or wiring.

Doors opening and closing - Often caused by a faulty latch. This can happen when a door in another part of the house is opened or closed or heavy footsteps.

Orbs in photos - Again, the biggest offender is dust particles, even if your house is immaculate. Moisture such as steam, reflections of objects.

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